Turtle Revue

Down in the park
There is a merry-go-round
Children are laughing
Calliope sounds
I wander off
To meet the man in the zoo
We watch the turtle revue
We share a dream
Of letting them go
Out where the warm waters flow
Discuss it a little
Then we dismiss it
There’s something that we cannot find
I can’t get it out of my mind

Here in the shop
I’m arranging the books
Sell them to people
Who like how they look
I’ve written one
About Middle Age
But I’m stuck on the very first page
I’ve written a book
Without turning the page
Its all very clear in my mind
Concerning crusaders
Who fell for their savior
That’s how this story would go
But its something that I’ll never know

I saw you standing
Alone in the zoo
Watching the turtles
And somehow I knew
You shared our dream
Of letting them go
Out where the warm waters flow
Suddenly turtles are packed in the crates
We’re driving them out of the gate
Down to the water
We laugh and unboard them
And dance while they swim away
They’re the only things
I’ve ever saved

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