Never A Father

I was never a father
There were times
I wished I’s one
From the unknown
He was sired
I would raise him
As my son

I would throw
Him on my shoulder
We would walk down to the sea
Felt his weight
As he grew older
A million questions for me

There was something
In this young man
I had never seen before
He was being driven
By some haunting, silent source

If I asked him
Of his visions
He would turn
And shake his head
As if he didn’t know the answer
Or that it was better left unsaid

I was never a father
But I’m glad I wasn’t one
The crushing pains
And the sorrows
When you lose
Your only son

He hugged me
And I said, goodbye, son
He turned so I wouldn’t see the tears
I watched him fade
On the horizon
His arm a’wavin
Out to me

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