UCLA Today – Kim Kowsky – UMag, “Surgeon, Singer, Songwriter”

http://today.ucla.edu/portal/ut/melody-maker-charles-brunicardi-250070.aspx http://ucnet.universityofcalifornia.edu/news/2014/02/surgeon,-singer,-songwriter.html   Like many surgeons, F. Charles Brunicardi, finds that music in the operating room helps him to concentrate and focus while he works. His preference leans toward the soft rock of James Taylor and Cat Stevens, but if he wanted to, he could throw a little Chuck B. into the mix. If he did, that […]

A Master of Music and Medicine

https://palipost.com/lifestyle/master-music-medicine/ For most mere mortals the chances of becoming a surgeon are slim at best. The chances of landing a record deal are even more minute. The chances of doing both? Impossible. Unless you’re Chuck Brunicardi – country/folk singer and Chief of General surgery at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica. Dr. Charles Brunicardi, who makes his […]