Waiting for Mail

I’m hopin’, I’m prayin’ I’m waiting for mail I’m hopin’, I’m prayin’ I’m waiting for my mail Here’s the sad time Dear pal o mine I’m feelin’ blue So please be kind You can send my peace of mind By mail Nothing’s new Its a bore I can’t say much The same old score But […]

Turtle Revue

Down in the park There is a merry-go-round Children are laughing Calliope sounds I wander off To meet the man in the zoo We watch the turtle revue We share a dream Of letting them go Out where the warm waters flow Discuss it a little Then we dismiss it There’s something that we cannot […]

This Old Town

This old town Has got me worried I’m the one Who’s feeling down I should stay Ah what’s the hurry I’m packing up and leaving town Each passing day Only means more trouble Got no bread With the winter comin’ Damn my mood That got me runnin’ I’m packin up and leavin’ town I’m packin […]

The Path

If you walk along the path The path he’d walk in fall It leads you through the golden leaves Up to the Willow Hall Where men in chairs Are playin’ cards “Someone get the phone” Sammy says “Hey Eddie Its Rose, she wants you home” Along the path its dark now A chill with every […]


We sailed without our cares We took ‘em off for fun I love the smile you wear Two pirates on the run So we rode ourselves a wind And took the Osprey to Nokomis To a cove beyond the pass Where the tempest might have drawn us I was having so much fun Sailing by […]


Down in Georgia’s A railroad track Where they caught him And they brought him back Roland ran away From the boxcar With his hands in chains Forlorn with a look of shame Roland ran away Why he’d leave Will always be In my mind A mystery Why he’d leave His world behind Children, home And […]

Pat and I

Pat and I were children then Runnin’ wild like colts at play Racin’ down in the morning air Fresh and clear as the morning dew On a wildwood rose, were overgrown By the old round house of stone Through the leaves the path we’d crawl Clearing every thorn away Clean our house Sweep the floor […]

Never A Father

I was never a father There were times I wished I’s one From the unknown He was sired I would raise him As my son I would throw Him on my shoulder We would walk down to the sea Felt his weight As he grew older A million questions for me There was something In […]


All my life Struggled hard to make good of myself Tried and tried All I have are pictures on a shell Of you and me, my Joey Left my job Crab myself my meals down by the bay Heat some soup Hum a tune to take my blues away And dream a dream Of Joey […]


Paper blows where no man goes Möbius strip to old black holes Tiny corner of my room Don Giovanni sits in gloom Ask me why I’m living here Sun don’t shine As do out there Like things old and dear Heartbeats inside Sidewalk sits with fiery eyes Too much booze And sleepless nights Walks the […]